Oklahoma Erects Gay-Pride ‘Festivus’ Pole

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The Oklahoma capitol building will be adorned next week with a “Festivus pole,” with rainbow colors and a mirror-ball top, thanks to one LGBT activist, local officials say.

Just weeks after the state ordered the removal of a monument dedicated to the Ten Commandments on capitol grounds, Chaz Stevens, an LGBT activist, received a permit to erect a “a gay pride-themed Festivus pole,” the New York Post reports.

The permit was received by the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services, and Stevens celebrated the victory in an Internet posting.

Festivus was born out of a 1990’s episode of the TV comedy Seinfeld, in which the gang uses the pole to air the year’s grievances with the people who disappointed the most that year.

“Out goes the Ten Commandments,” Stevens said in the post to his online advocacy group. “In comes the gay pride Festivus pole. It’s a beautiful way to talk about 2015.”

The pole will be erected between nutcrackers and a sleigh on Dec. 23 from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., for those who’d like to use this as a gay Christmas photo-op.

Watch the full story of Festivus below…

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