Olympic Pride House

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are right around the corner. Organizers are currently making final preparations before millions arrive and the “the most livable city” becomes the world’s stage. Dean Nelson, an organizer from Whistler, has big plans for gay and lesbian athletes this year. A category of athletes that is often kept on the down low. Next year, though, Nelson hopes to make gay and lesbian athletes more visible, through the first ever Pride House. This will be a place for rainbow athletes – out or not – to enjoy an exclusive space specifically for them, their friends, and their families. [NYT] Now too bad this isn’t the summer Olympics and openly gay, Australian diver Matthew Mitcham won’t be there.

For more information on this wonderful city take a look at our feature on the Canadian city. For information on getting married in this liberal city check out our weddings and honeymoon article.

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