Openly Gay Diver Matthew Mitcham’s Autobiography Due Out This Fall

Image via HarperCollins Books Australia Facebook

Olympian gold medalist Matthew Mitcham will release his autobiography Twists and Turns at the end of November. The Australian diver said, via Facebook, that he has been working on the book for over a year now, and it will be filled with no less than 48 glossy pages of photos. It will be available in print in Australia first, but the ebook edition will be available then for those of us not in Oz. “I made sure the ebook would be released simultaneously so my friends abroad don’t miss out,” Mitcham said.

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Follow Mitcham through his successes and through the hardships that plagued him both prior to and after his historical and unforgettable dive at the Beijing Olympic Games as well as at the London Olympic Games. “People kept remarking on how they were surprised that a gold medal and fame hadn′t changed me. I always responded, ′Why would I change? Being me is the easiest person to be.′ I was lying. It wasn′t,” he said in the book’s description. Told with the honesty and courage he is admired for, Twists and Turns is an inspiring story of a true champion, in and out of the pool. Mitcham is a role model not only for those with hopes and dreams of success in the athletic world, but also those of us in the LGBT community. Published by HarperCollins, the 288-page autobiography will be available on Apple products (December 1) and the Kindle (November 26); pre-order today.

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