Orbitz: How to Plan Your 2013 Summer Vacation

Photo via www.media.corporate-ir.net

Photo via www.media.corporate-ir.net

Traveling this summer?  With over 75% of Americans taking a summer vacation, it’s good to know how everyone else is traveling before planning your trip. Orbitz 2013 Summer Travel forecast is now available to help you with just that. The top 10 cities for a summer vacation include: Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Cancun, Mexico; Los Angeles, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; New York, NY; and Denver, Colorado. For only $887 per person you can book a five night trip to Tampa, Florida and a five night trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for just $1,320 per person.

About 32 percent of summer vacationers have a budget of $1,500 or less, 43 percent with $1,501 – $2,500.00 and 25 percent with over $2,500. Vacation activities  are chosen to suit personal or family needs: 42 percent choose to cool out at the beach, 15 percent visit historical/cultural sites, 13 percent go on a cruise, 12 percent visit a city, 12 percent go hiking or trail biking in the mountains, while the other six percent choose other activities.

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Most vacationers prefer to stay in a hotel, but choosing a hotel can be a tough task. You want to make sure you get the best value for your money. 34 percent of vacationers book a hotel based on the location, 23 percent based on reviews, 17 percent on amenities, 10 percent on rewards, eight percent on stars, six percent on advice, and two percent on photos.

Although we tend to spend a lot on our vacation, we still try to save money. In order to save a buck, 56 percent will skip the daily newspaper service, 30 percent the daily maid service, and 14 percent will skip daily fresh towels.

If there’s one thing we worry about when we go on vacation it’s whether or not our room is clean. Here’s how most of us will be able to tell. For 45 percent it’s a sparkling bathtub and shower, 21 percent: clean white sheets, and 16 percent: fresh carpets.

Now you have enough information to start planning the best summer vacation ever. Happy booking!  Check out the fun infographics at www.media.corporate-ir.net for more information.

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