Orbitz to Evaluate Advertising Policy After Drop Fox Campaign

An Orbitz Ad Featuring Man in an HRC Shirt. Screen Cap via Youtube.

It only took three weeks, but the travel website, Orbitz, finally responded to the “Drop Fox” campaign that enlisted high-profile LGBT organizations to urge Orbitz to review their advertising policy, especially when it comes to paying for airtime during Fox News. Finally, the “gay-friendly” booking agency has agreed to review its advertising policy to ensure that it spends its ad dollars on networks that are consistent with its core corporate values of tolerance and non-discrimination.

According to a statement released today:

  • “Orbitz has heard from the LGBT community about its concerns that its advertisements appear on programs which have objectionable content.”
  • “In the coming weeks, Orbitz will conduct a review of programming on the full range of media we buy. We will also evaluate the best practices among other companies who share our core values to see what approaches they use when evaluating media placements.”
  • Regarding ad purchases going forward, Orbitz confirmed that its “customers will see that our actions will reflect the values that Orbitz the brand, and company, embody.”
To read the full statement from Orbitz, click here.

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