OREO Launches LGBTQ Campaign with PFLAG

OREO Launches LGBTQ Campaign with PFLAG

OREO has just launched a new campaign in support of the LGBTQ community during LGBTQ History Month. According to Delish, OREO and PFLAG partnered up to create a campaign that would inspire parents to feel proud of their LGBTQ children and loved ones.

To launch the campaign, OREO released a new short film, called Proud Parent. Without revealing too much, the film explores the relationship between a daughter and her father. You can watch it below:

On top of the new film, OREO has also created a limited-edition collection of rainbow cookies. However, these cookies will not be sold in stores. Instead, they will be given away as rewards to people who show acts of allyship. Allyship can take on many forms, but in a general sense it means you’re a non-LGBTQ person, but you actively help the community in some way; whether its through activism, standing up against a bully, helping someone come out, and so on. There are many more ways to be an ally, and to win yourself one of these special treats, simply share your story on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #ProudParent and #Giveaway

Here’s OREO’s official tweet about the promotion:


The promotion ends October 31st (or sooner if they run out of rainbow OREOs!)


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