Out Comedienne Wanda Sykes Speaks Out for Gays in Russia

Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

Wanda Sykes spoke out for the LGBT community in Russia when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday night. The openly gay comedienne, who was wearing an HRC “Love Conquers Hate” shirt told Leno: “It’s criminal what they’re doing to the LGBT community in Russia,” Sykes said during the interview. “Young, single Wanda, yeah she’d go. There’s some hot Russian bitches over there! But married mother Wanda, I cannot go over there…” After joking about a number of reasons why she would not be traveling to Sochi for the Olympic Games, she added, “What I will do is wear a T-shirt to support them. Human Rights Campaign has a [shirt] out and the proceeds go to help them.  And I brought you one too so if they ask you to go, you can say ‘No I’m going to wear a t-shirt.’”

You can watch the clip by clicking here.


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