Over a Dozen Gay Couples in Migrant Caravan Marry in Mexico

For most in the migrant caravans, escaping from parts of Central America to seek asylum isn’t just about finding opportunities, for a large group of LGBTs, it is an act to secure rights that are not afforded for them in their respective countries. This weekend, two gay couples, three lesbian couples, two trans woman/cis man couples, and one straight couple all married at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana. This group is part of nearly 100 LGBTQ people that were the first to arrive at the border seeking asylum. 
“This is an act of justice,” said officiant Hugo Cordoba. “The dream of marrying is an illusion for most of them. We are helping them make this a reality. They are fleeing persecution, violence, a number of really heavy things.”

“Queer migrants always get left aside, but they have a unique experience, and we want to honor that, even though many churches do not.”

One of the first couples to marry were Pedro and Eric. According to LGBTQ Nation:

Pedro said that he was kicked out of his home when he was 15 and was the victim of child sex trafficking. Erick decided to leave Central America after a gang attacked him and smashed four teeth out of his mouth with a rock.

“We’ve made a new life for ourselves and I need him. I wake up and he’s there. I go to bed and I can say good night,” Pedro said. “He’s made life bearable and I really cannot imagine them sending one of us back or splitting us up.”

They said they hoped that being married would make it harder for them to be separated in the U.S. if they make it across the border.


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