Overwhelming Majority of Germans Want to Legalize Gay Marriage, Putting Pressure on Merkel

A recently conducted poll discovered that 75 percent of Germans support legal equality for same-sex marriages. While the survey reveled only 20 percent were against it, and five percent had no opinion.

Germany is boasting a higher amount of support than the U.K in 2014, the day before same-sex marriage was legalized. Currently governed by a coalition of center-left social democrats and Angela Merkel’s right-winged Christian Democrats, there is a chance that the government could face enough pressure to finally legalize same-sex marriage. While, same-sex unions are legalized in Germany, because of a strict coalition agreement there has been no progress on adopting full legal marriage.

Angela Merkel the chancellor of Germany has ruled out same-sex marriage saying, “For me Marriage is a man and a woman living together.”

Merkel’s attitude may change, her main election rivals are creating proposals that will push for equal marriage. Martin Shultz the chancellor elect candidate for the Social Democratic Party is in support of same-sex marriage, and wants to make it a central issue in this election.

The hot-button topic will most likely be the dividing factor between both parties. [PN]

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