Paris May Use People’s Body Heat to Heat Buildings

Anyone that lives in a city where they have to use a subway knows the uncomfortable heat below ground. When the older metro stations were built, ventilation wasn’t exactly on the developers’ minds, so all those sweaty people generating heat gets trapped in the tunnels. Paris may have found an interesting solution for one of their steamy systems. By using the heat generated at Rambuteau Métro station developers hope to heat a nearby, low-income block of housing. Sounds like a terrific idea.

“It’s a huge source of free, zero-carbon heat so it couldn’t make more sense,” said Dr Patrick James, a researcher at the University of Southampton’s School of Civil Engineering and the Environment. “I guess the only problem will be if there’s a train strike in the winter, in which case they’ll need a back-up source of heat.”

This idea has taken off in other parts of the globe. Because of a law in the UK that states that all new residential buildings need to be zero carbon by 2016, many are thinking of new and creative ways to heat buildings. [Guardian]

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