Paris Tourism Launches Campaign to Make Parisians Nicer

Image via 'Do You Speak Touriste?'

Image via ‘Do You Speak Touriste?’

Apparently enough tourists have complained about the famous French attitude for Paris tourism chiefs to take note and be proactive about it. A new manual that will be handed out to 30,000 people who work in the tourism industry called “Do you speak touriste?” hopes to better inform hospitality professionals on how to deal with tourists of various nationalities. Created by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCI) and the Regional Tourism Committee (CRT) has a specific goal. “The aim of this campaign is to focus on the quality of welcome that visitors receive in Paris, and to train professionals here to understand the differences between them,” François Naverro from the CRT, told The Local on Wednesday.

You can check out the official campaign website and find some fun details about what your nationality demands while in Paris. 


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