Partner of Police Officer Shot in Paris Gives Heartbreaking Eulogy in Paris

The partner of a gay police officer who was killed on duty during an attack on the Champs-Elsées gave the eulogy for his fallen partner. The heartbreaking tribute to Xavier Jugele given by Etienne Cardiles was attended by some of the most high-ranking French and Parisian officials (including far-right Marine La Pen)—surely making a powerful, indirect impact on the leaders, many of whom are still conflicted about gay marriage.

Cardiles told the crowd: “I suffer without shame, you will not have my hatred,’ he said, in a speech calling on people to not hate in their fear…you will stay in my heart forever. I love you. Let us live with dignity and defend peace.”

Sadly, this wasn’t the first attack Jugele encountered in the city he was so proud of. He was one of the first responders to the mass attack on the Bataclan Theater. [JMG]

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