Did a Passenger Passing Gas Cause an Entire Plane to be Evacuated?

Did you know that air travel causes an increase in passed gas? It’s called High Altitude Flatus Expulsion or (HAFE), a common symptom that was originally coined for mountain climbers. A passenger, though, on a recent flight may have taken HAFE to new heights when it was claimed that passengers were forced to evacuate the plane due to his smelly high flatulence.

A story circulating the globe this morning is that a flight from Charlotte to Raleigh was forced to evacuate after a passenger complained that he/she felt so ill from another passenger’s gas that it was deemed unsafe. The smell apparently was so bad that fellow travelers on AA Flight 1927 were complaining of headaches and nausea due to the smell. A Raleigh-Durham spokesperson said the odor was from a passenger who “passed gas,” NCN-TV reported.


A spokesperson for American Airlines wrote to clarify: “We did take an aircraft out of service for a mechanical issue, an odor in the cabin…No ‘passed gas’ issue.”

Still this story did prompt some interesting Googling! Interested in more info about HAFE and how to prevent it? Check out this HuffPo post.


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