Passport Concierge: Vassilis Maliotas and Mihalis Kavros, Geranium Hotel, Mykonos, Greece


Vassilis on Left Mihalis on Right

A stay at the cheerful, chilled-out Geranium Hotel ( in Mykonos, Greece comes complete with live entertainment in the form of Vassilis Maliotas and Mihalis Kavros, the bickering, bantering, and altogether adorable frontmen at this men-only oasis.

“We’re partners in running this place,” explains Kavros, before curling his upper lip in mock repulsion and declaring: “But not partner-partners!”

His charming accent reveals both his native Athens upbringing and English lessons taught by Brits.

“We’re both terribly single,” adds Maliotas with a mock-wistful downward glance and a flutter of his hand. “Our hearts have been broken.”

Keep reading to find out where to eat, drink, sunbathe, and did we say drink in Mykonos, Greece. 


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