‘Passport’ March Cover Model Joins the Race Against HIV/AIDS

Photo via Passport Magazine

Atticus Ranck (L) Photo via Passport Magazine

With the Florida AIDS Walk just around the corner, it’s never been easier to take an active role in the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS. This month, Passport cover boy Atticus Ranck is taking a pledge to address the spread of HIV/AIDS in his home of South Florida, and could use your support walking with him.

As the director of transgender services at Sunserve, Atticus says his LGBT social service agency has seen firsthand the benefits of fundraising this year. “Whether it is a youth getting back on track and staying school, or a senior getting home care services from an understanding home care attendant…we are helping people.”

Atticus will be walking in Ft. Lauderdale on March 20th, and will be matched dollar for dollar by the AIDS Health Care Foundation. That makes your donation of $50 a $100 contribution when matched! To learn more and to donate to the cause, click here. Good luck, Atticus!

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