‘I Pee with LGBT’ Oscar-Nominated Director Releases Anti-Texas Bathroom Bill

‘I Pee with LGBT’ Oscar-Nominated Director Releases Anti-Texas Bathroom Bill

The ACLU of Texas and Legacy Community Health released a digital ad showing Texas’ “bathroom bill” (S.B. 6) isn’t about privacy but about discriminating against transgender Texans. The spot, titled “Taking a Seat, Making a Stand,” encourages Texans – through targeted digital buys on Facebook—to contact their state legislator in opposition to S.B. 6. Using humor to undercut the fear-mongering of some policymakers, the ad features two transgender Texans and is directed by five-time Academy-Award nominee Richard Linklater, who worked closely with one of the nation’s premier creative agencies, GSD&M, out of Austin.

The ad calls on Texas not to follow the lead of North Carolina, which has endured a $1 billion economic loss as a direct result from that state’s bathroom bill. Economic damage resulting from discriminatory legislation is not theoretical.

“Our ad shows S.B. 6 does absolutely nothing to bolster privacy and safety in a restroom,” said Katy Caldwell, CEO of Houston-based Legacy Community Health. “The only thing the bill does do is discriminate against transgender Texans, including our patients and a member of my own family. Lawmakers should be focused on keeping kids in classrooms – not out of bathrooms – and other priorities like improving health care and creating jobs.”

Visit StopSB6 Bill for more info…


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