The Pentagon Says Trans Troops Can Stay and Reenlist, But Future Enrollments will be Curtailed with New Policies

On Friday, the Pentagon issued additional interim guidance regarding transgender troops that will allow transgender service members to stay in the military and to reenlist and receive medial treatment for gender dysphoria, but a new policy that will be cemented in February will see stricter guidelines that some fear is a new DADT.

Banning transgender people from enlisting or serving openly and ripping trained, qualified service members out of their jobs, leaving gaping holes in our armed forces and national security, and devastating the lives of individuals who have dedicated their lives to military service. It must be stopped.

National Center for Lesbian Rights Legal (NCLR) Director Shannon Minter and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) Transgender Rights Project Director Jennifer Levi, who together filed Doe v. Trump in federal district court to stop the transgender military ban, issued the following statement in response:

 “This ‘guidance’ simply underscores the serious and widespread harms being caused by President Trump’s shocking and unsupported decision to ban transgender people from military service, reversing the policy of open service that has been in place for more than a year. This brief ‘guidance’ does nothing new: it does not stop the ban or the March target date for terminating current service members; it does not permit transgender people to join the military – now or ever; and it does not mitigate the most serious harms caused by this unprecedented assault on our nation’s troops. President Trump’s August 25 directive to ban transgender people from military service stated that the current policy remains in effect until March 23, so this iteration of that statement does nothing new. To the contrary, Secretary Mattis reiterated inFriday’s memo that ‘DOD will carry out the President’s Policy and directives.’



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