Petition Urges President Obama to Sign Order Banning LGBT Workplace Discrimination

More than 100,000 people have joined Freedom to Work’s campaign on urging President Obama to sign an executive order banning anti-LGBT workplace discrimination at companies that take federal contracts – accounting for 22% of all jobs in the United States.

Tico Almeida, Founder and President of Freedom to Work, started the petition on to call attention to the millions of workers at U.S. federal contractors who could be fired from their jobs, solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Estimates from the Williams Institute at UCLA indicate that more than 16 million workers with federal contractors are currently unprotected from anti-gay discrimination in the workplace.

“The strong response to Freedom to Work’s online petition shows that Americans don’t want their taxpayer dollars squandered on workplace harassment and anti-LGBT discrimination,” said Almeida. “Our government should never subsidize prejudice.”

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