‘Physique Pictorial’ to Relaunch with Issue #42

Physique Pictorial is back! After reaching beyond their Kickstarter goal on Wednesday, the Bill Mizer Foundation and photographer Dennis Bell will bring back the classic beefcake magazine after 27 years.

The quarterly will be an homage to the original creator and photographer Bill Mizer who started it back in 1951. Mizer started the magazine in branded it as a men’s fitness magazine after he had been arrested years earlier for distributing his pictures through the mail which was deemed “obscene material.” At the time, it was against the law to distribute homosexual and pornographic images.

The magazine will feature Mizer’s work as well modern male physique photographers. The last issue was published in 1990 and Mizer died a few years later.

Issue #42 will be out this month and you can order yours now.


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