Pink Chocolate is the Chocolate of the Instagram Age

The world’s largest cocoa processor Barry Callebaut has claimed to have produced rose-hued or pink chocolate—the first new natural chocolate discovered since white chocolate.

The rose color is the first chocolate since Nestlé unveiled white chocolate more than 80 years ago. It wasn’t an easy journey for the chocolate producer, it’s been over 13 years since they first began developing it. Two years ago, though, the company said that the market was ready for the new pink-hued chocolate that they are calling “…pure pleasure and hedonistic delight.”

The color is derived from a “ruby” bean that is found along the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil, and it’s completely natural.

According to the Guardian: “The flavour has been described by the company as “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness” but no extra colours or flavours are added to create the pinky hue, which instead comes from a powder extracted during the processing. It is not as sweet as milk chocolate, according to its creators, with a lighter flavour instead.”

The Zurich-based company says that they hope to have the chocolate on the market within six-18 months.

Image courtesy of Barry Callebaut. 


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