Places that Voted for Trump Have Increased Bullying

Areas that voted for Trump in the 2016 election have higher rates of bullying in schools compared to counties that voted for Hillary Clinton. What is being called The Trump Effect, a study in Virginia analyzed data from the state’s counties and discovered an alarming correlation between voting and school bullying. The survey asked 150,000 school students between 2015 and 2016 about bullying conditions within their schools.

According to NPR:

Seventh- and eighth-graders in areas that favored Trump reported bullying rates in spring 2017 that were 18 percent higher than students living in areas that went for Clinton. They were also 9 percent more likely to report that kids at their schools were teased because of their race or ethnicity.

This is the second study to correlate Trump with bullying.

The HRC wrote:

Vast numbers of young people also reported feeling nervous and hopeless post-election, with almost half of LGBTQ youth saying they have taken steps to hide who they are by delaying coming out, dressing differently or questioning their plans for the future. Hispanic and African American young people also reported changing their appearances and routines out of fear of harassment, and Muslim, Jewish and Hindu youth all described concealing symbols of their faith to avoid being targeted.

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