Police Tell Lesbians to Ignore Men Harassing Them

Discriminating slurs were hurled at two lesbians, and all the local authority did was tell them to ignore it. When Wendy and Trudy Dragoon were crossing a street in the neighborhood of Brentwood-Darlington, a speeding truck came toward them, past them, did a U-Turn, and then parked. Three men came out of the vehicle and began yelling at the couple.

“He got out of the car and said something about ‘Beating the shit out of fucking dykes,'” says Wendy.

The girls recorded the video and posted it on Facebook, but it has since been removed.

In the video the men continued to harass them—calling Trudy a “gay pride ass bitch” and other harmful insults.

“You think you scare me? You’re a fucking woman,” the man said. “I’ll spit in your face… I’ll literally put you to fucking sleep.”

A police officer than shows up to the scene, and Trudy immediately asked for help telling him that the men were harassing her.

The Portland police officer refused to help the girl by ignoring her pleas for help and told the couple to “just ignore them.”

“I was like, ‘Absolutely not,'” Wendy recalls telling the officer. “I said, ‘This is harassment. This has to be a hate crime….He actually said, ‘Being mean to you isn’t against the law,'” Dragoon says.

While the incident is still under investigation, neighbors of the lesbian couple have united to show their support.

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