Polish 18-Year-Old Detained in Qatar for Being Gay

Polish 18-Year-Old Detained in Qatar for Being Gay

An 18-year-old Polish man was looking forward to his second trip to Qatar, but he didn’t make it past the airport. Luxy was detained upon arrival and was accused of committing a cybercrime because he was gay. Luxy was brought for further questions to a back room where he was told that there were concerns over his previous visit to the country and that there were problems with visa. When questioning him, they took his phone, and went through his messages.

He was then arrested, and he was brought to Doha Central jail where he spent ten days. “They kept telling me I am a prostitute, I am from a bad family and they laughed at my Instagram photos. They told me some Qatari guy made the request to arrest me because I put his naked photo on Instagram,” he told Gay Star News.

Two months in jail went by and he and his lawyer petitioned for deportation. “My lawyer said if the person who made the fake claims will not drop the charges, I could face a prison sentence of up to two years, because the investigation was on my phone, and the fact that I know many gay people in Qatar and have many forbidden pictures (for this country) it’s all showing me in a bad light.”

After 63 days, Luxy was finally allowed to leave jail, but the government had a bizarre request. “They also offered him the opportunity to ‘work’ with them by luring and meeting other gay men which would lead to their arrest. He refused.”

The drama continued when after spending just two days in his hotel, he was arrested because of his social media use. It was for  “for wearing makeup on Snapchat and Instagram…They said I am a woman and I look like a she-male,’ he says.

After finally being able to leave the country, he is banned from entering any Gulf countries part of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Image via Instagram.

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