Possible Holiday Strike at JFK Airport: What You Need to Know

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Be warned, your holiday travel plans may face a serious threat, as airline workers at JFK International Airport are saying that they will walk out on the job this December 20th if working conditions do not improve. Around 200 employees from Air Serv, and another 100 from Global Elite Group, all of whom are responsible for plane inspections, guarding alarm doors, directing traffic in front of terminals, and conducting screenings of passengers will vote this Thursday and Friday as to whether or not the strike will be authorized. The airpot employees are asking for an increase from their $8-an-hour, no benefits wage-rate, as well as more suitable training and better working equipment. Many employees can not afford their health insurance co-payments, and choose instead to remain without coverage. The workers also say that they are not allowed to organize into unions to negotiate for more favorable conditions. which has led to their current threat to walk out. No one likes to be inconvenience when they travel, but it’s time to show your support for the people who help keep us safe when we fly. Tell Global Elite Group and Air Serv to pay their workers a living wage

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