Potential Return of LGBT Neighborhoods Under Trump Presidency

Potential Return of LGBT Neighborhoods Under Trump Presidency

After the sexual revolution of the 1960s, prominently LGBT neighborhoods began cropping up in cities across America. These LGBT enclaves have been declining in the last decade, but as a Trump presidency reintroduces fear and uncertainty for the LGBT community, such areas may begin growing again, according to a new article by the Washington Blade.

In an era of unrest, many in the LGBT community banded together to form spaces of acceptance and safety, often occupying neglected urban areas as the wealthy settled into the suburbs. This led to the rise of gay neighborhoods, such as Greenwich Village in New York and Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. However, as acceptance of the LGBT community has continued to spread over the last decade, people no longer felt the need to protect themselves by living together. Youths growing up in a more tolerant society prefer integration over segregation, and successful gay neighborhoods are becoming desirable locations for mainstream investors and residents (think sky-high rents in Greenwich or Chelsea in NYC).

Due to these reasons, the decline of gay neighborhoods actually signals societal progress and increasing safety. However, with the rise of a Trump presidency, complete with a homophobic vice president and conservative cabinet, many LGBT Americans are feeling once again vulnerable and fear that had been slowly being remedied. In this new age, many may seek kinship by coming together in neighborhoods, bringing back the popularity of LGBT safe spaces.

Check out the opinion piece over at the Washington Blade.

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