After Pressure, Trump Reverses Decision to End Ban on Importing Elephant Trophies

Trump admitted to making a mistake when he decided to end an Obama-era ban on importing the remains of elephants hunted legally in two African countries. Major stars like Ellen DeGeneres and Gisele Bundchen blasted the president’s decision that could have irreversible effects on African wildlife, and send conservation back years in the fight to end the hunting of the threatened African elephant.

“Nothing justifies killing harmless animals to use its parts only as material goods, decoration or even worse as a trophy to satisfy someone’s ego or pride. If we want a better future, we must take care of the wildlife,” wrote Bündchen. “When you hurt one species you are hurting them all, including us humans,” she added. “We are all connected.”

While Trump’s sons braggadociously post their African hunts (including elephants and buffalo), the president has come out in the past against elephant hunting saying he doesn’t support it.

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