Project Runway’s Chris March Needs Your Help After Medically Induced Coma

Chris March’s large-than-life personality brought him to the forefront of fashion after he made his television debut on Project Runway, but the designer had plenty of street cred before thanks to his outrageous costumes.

To thank March for bringing smiles to our faces, it’s time to show our support. March suffered a debilitating accident and is now in need of funds to pay for his medical treatment. 

As you know I’ve been friends with Chris March for the past 15 years. We have worked together, played together, vacationed together. He’s been a big part of my life and I love him like a brother, ok and like a sister!

When he moved West, there was a big void in my life. So when I heard what had happened I needed to take action and help any way I could.  Since I could not be there physically, I’m doing what I can from the East coast. Hopefully we will able to raise the funds necessary to pay for his ongoing medical care and assisted living facility.

Our beloved Teddy Bear from Project Runway, Chris March, has had a rough 9 months. Back in June of last year, he suffered a debilitating accident and had to be placed in a medically induced coma where he stayed for many weeks. Thanks to the miracle of modern science he has pulled through, but is still in a very fragile state. His right arm has been paralyzed and at this moment, has limited use of his hands and legs. In addition, he’s dealing with respiratory issues that demand constant care. With skyrocketing medical bills, his health insurance has maxed out and he’s in desperate need of continuous physical therapy in order to get back on track.

Every day Chris keeps getting stronger, but he’s got a long recovery road ahead. We are hoping to raise financial support for his medical bills and cover his expenses when he is released from the hospital. So please, give any amount – $1 , $5, $10 or more. A little from his friends will go a long way.

Help us spread the word on Social Media by alerting as many friends as possible. Share his “gofundme” page on Facebook, Twitter and any other platform you participate in.

We want Chris March to continue making us giggle with his infectious laugh, incredible outfits , unexpected outrages and most of all his out – of – this – world wigs , all of which make us always feel fabulous!

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