Amsterdam Unveils Rainbow Path For LGBT Rights

Amsterdam Unveils Rainbow Path For LGBT Rights

Amsterdam’s pride month may be well over, but the city is getting a splash of color with the newly unveiled Regenboogpad! The 100-meter rainbow path at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station was opened yesterday, and aims to promote LGBT acceptance.

The path is the result of over a year of planning. In September last year, Labour party politician Münire Manisa proposed the motion to construct a rainbow crosswalk. The proposal was accepted unanimously, but the plan eventually changed from a crosswalk to a pathway.

The station has 18,000 daily visitors—a bustling spot for such a bold statement. Manisa had chosen the station not only for its high visibility, but also because of its location in the borough Nieuw-West. As a Muslim herself, she wanted to increase discussion on LGBT rights in the area, which has a large Muslim population. Furthermore, anti-LGBT flyers had been spreading through the district in recent weeks, and Manisa hopes the path will act as a symbolic stand against homophobia.

Not everyone has been supportive; Jan-Bert Vroege, Councilor of the Democrats 66 party, criticized the path as “a piece of symbolic politics of the Labour Party.” Despite criticisms, however, the path has been completed, joining the already existing rainbow crossings in Sydney, Maastricht, and Leiden. [Het Parool]

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