Record Number of Gay Candidates Running for Congress

This January could mark a historical moment in American politics, with eight openly gay major-party nominees in the running for the House of Representatives, more than there has ever been, including the first ever Republican nominee to ever openly present himself as homosexual, Mark Tisei from Massachusetts.

A common theme within every race between a gay candidate and their opponent, the issue of sexual preference appears to be seen as a “non-issue.” Instead,  these races focuses, more appropriately, upon social and economic issues. As noted by Democrat nominee in New York, Sean Patrick Maloney, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton,”the voters in my district care more about why my opponent wants to end Medicare and defund Planned Parenthood than about who I love.”

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Fortunately, bigotry seems to be losing its place in American politics altogether, at least on a federal and national level, with even staunch conservative campaigners opting to refrain from remarking on sexual orientation. Mark Takano, a strong nominee from California, whom if elected will be Congress’ first openly-gay Asian-American, formerly ran losing races in 1992 and again in 1994 during which his sexual orientation stood out as a noted issue. As an indicator as to the changing view that is seen in modern politics, Takano remarked on these former incidents saying that, “today it’s just an interesting part of my background as opposed to being a sensational story…People look back at what happened 18 years ago and say, ‘I can’t believe we ever did those things.'”

Additional openly gay candidates include the favored Democrats, Jared Polis of Colorado and David Cicilline of Rhode Island, as well as Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and Nicole Lefavour of Idaho.

To learn more about the candidates, and to show your support, visit the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

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