Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Fight Against Gay Marriage Cost Florida Half-a-Million Dollars

Florida’s Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi fought hard against gays and lesbians from getting the right to marry, and now Florida taxpayers are fronting the bill to wage her bigotry-filled war. Taking her fight to the Supreme Court cost taxpayers a whopping $493,000 in legal fees that must be now paid to the winning attorneys.

According to the New Civil Rights Movement:

In 2014 Bondi had argued that recognizing out-of-state legal civil same-sex marriages would “impose significant public harm” and play havoc with existing marriage laws in the Sunshine State, a claim that two years later has been proven wholly false.

Bondi also suggested that same-sex couples don’t create stable or enduring homes.

Bondi lost all times, but continued to appeal court rulings, hence her whopping bill.

Pam Bondi also stirred intense controversy in the wake up the Pulse Nightclub shooting when she championed LGBT rights, despite her very public anti-gay record and rhetoric that many contribute to incubating a hostile and potentially violent anti-LGBT culture in Florida.

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