Republicans will Never Learn, RNC to Vote in Support of Religious-Freedom Laws

Image via Frontpage.

Image via Frontpage.

Despite public outcry over anti-gay “Religious Freedom Laws” the Republican National Committee is expected to approve a resolution that will affirm the party’s support of the laws that allow for businesses to openly discriminate not only against the LGBT community, but against anyone on the grounds of religious freedom.

According to TIME:

The Resolution Affirming Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA) passed through the RNC’s resolutions committee Wednesday during the RNC’s spring meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., and will be voted on by the full 168-member governing body Friday. The party traditionally votes on all resolutions as a package, and the RFRA resolution is expected to pass with little or no opposition.

“The Republican National Committee stands firm in upholding natural, human, constitutional, and, under the RFRA, statutory rights of religious freedom,” the resolution states.

As record support continues to grow in the US for gay and lesbian marriage and a growing number of men and women identify as a religion other than Christian, does the GOP stand a chance in 2016?


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