Restaurant ReViVer Opens Second Location in Flatiron NYC

It can be hard to pause for a bite in this busy city, let alone during the midday lunch rush, but sometimes the usual sandwich or salad just doesn’t quite cut it. ReViVer, which just opened their second location in Flatiron, is offering a solution by combining fine dining and fast food.

ReViVer prides itself on pairing culinary art with nutrition science, which shows in their menu. Executive Chef Scott Leibfried emphasized the use of clean-sourced ingredients, and the variety of global tastes offered. Crafted using a Nutrient Score and the Four Food Principles, the menu features items such as the Steak and Fig Salad, Mahi Fish Tacos, and Loco Moco.

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When I stepped into the new Flatiron branch, the staff greeted me with cheerful smiles, and recommended the popular Mahi Curry. The food arrived quickly, and I began by digging into the side dish of Creamy Cauliflower Soup. The soup itself was a bit mild for my taste, but the flavor was accentuated by scallions and toasted almonds. The basmati rice was dry, and the roasted vegetables were delicious, and the mahi itself was grilled nicely. The coconut red-curry sauce was tangy and mildly spicy, and went well with the mahi. The highlight of the dish, however, would have to be the avocado salsa verde with cilantro atop the mahi; the sharp cilantro complemented the mahi beautifully, and brought out more of the grilled flavor.

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The restaurant, like its dishes, presents a modern twist on the traditional. It looks at first glance like other fast-casual establishments, but the interior is intriguing and contemporary on closer inspection. The watercolor-style mural on the wall, white marble floors, and banquette seating all come together in an unconventional collage. I felt like I was in an old-school diner, hipster cafe (especially with the geometric hanging lights), and upscale eatery, all at once. To top it all off, music ranging from jaunty jazz to percussion solos played in the background, adding to the restaurant’s inventive style.

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Even though I took my time eating, the whole meal took no more than half an hour to order and finish. The generous portions will leave you pleasantly full, and it’s popular for takeaway if you need to rush back to the office. All in all, ReViVer is great for a quick and satisfying bite if you’re short on time, want to stay healthy, or need a change from typical fast food.

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