Rick Owens Puts on Stiff Competition at Paris Fashion Week with Ballsy Penis-Filled Runway Show

Image via HL.

Image via HL.

Rick Owens is known for his controversial runway shows, and this year’s Fall-Winter 2015 show was no exception as he sent men—in all their glory—down the runway for his new collection. It takes a lot to shock the fashion elite in Paris during this week, but when the designer didn’t put pants on his models, the crowd was obviously in shock. “Nudity is the most simple and primal gesture,” the designer told reporters backstage at his show. “It packs a punch. It’s powerful. It’s a straight world now. It says something about being independent. Who else can really get away with this stuff? It’s a corporate world! This was our private moment.”


Check out some NSFW pics here. 

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