Rick Perry & Michele Bachmann Confronted by Gays in Iowa

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GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry was confronted about his views on DADT yesterday by a 14-year old girl at a town hall in Decorah, Iowa.
Rebecka Green, an openly bisexual high school student in Decorah, asked the Texas governor why he was so opposed to gays serving openly in the military. “Why [do] you want to deny them that freedom when they’re fighting and dying for your right to run for president,” she said. Perry went on to give some lame answer about faith and how DADT was working, so there was no need to change it.

In related primary news: Michele Bachmann and her husband were also confronted about their anti-homosexual positions at an event in Clarion, Iowa. A woman asked Michele to autograph her poster that said “Gay Friendly Iowan,” then asked if Bachmann was aware that 10% of the US population is gay. “And if you have 28 children, then 2.8 of those kids are very likely gay,” the woman said.

That statistic is from the Kinsey Reports, Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s famous books about human sexual behavior, based on thousands of interviews he conducted in the 1940s and 50s. Marcus Bachmann, Michele’s husband who runs a clinic long accused of conducting dangerous “reparative therapy,” chimed in and told the women “your facts are wrong. [The Kinsey Report] has been a myth for many years.”

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See video of both exchanges after the jump…

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