Ricky Perry ‘Probably Would’ Attend a Gay Wedding

Image via Facebeook
Image via Facebeook

In probably the best string of campaign questions, another reporter asked a Republican if he would attend a gay wedding. Rick Perry got thrown for a loop when asked and responded in the affirmative.

Yeah, well, I probably would [attend a same-sex wedding]. But I think the real issue here, you know, is that’s the ‘gotcha’ question that the Left tries to get out there…We need to be standing up and saying, hey, listen that’s an interesting question, here’s my answer but get this thing back to talking about how do we get Americans back working again…

…It’s the economy, and it’s national defense. And if you’re not really not talking about those two on a regular basis and coming up with solutions on how to get this country back working, how to get this debt under control, and how to put America back into a position of being respected by our allies and being an influence in the world, then you’re spending some time that frankly doesn’t need to be spent on some issues that are secondary or tertiary to the future of this country.

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