Russia Blocks Their Most Popular LGBT Website

Russia already has it’s extremely discriminatory anti-gay propaganda bill in place, and now the Putin-lead country is banning their most popular LGBT website. While it may not be officially banned by the government, Internet service providers have started blocking the gay website BlueSystem.

“The Kremlin is afraid of gays,” the BlueSystem team wrote in a post last week on its VKontakte social media page. “On the eve of the State Duma elections, the Kremlin activated its repressive machine and included the most popular Runet gay site, visited by over 100,000 people a day, in a list of banned internet resources.”

 “LGBT resources get blocked as part of a broader crackdown on freedom of expression online,” Tanya Lokshina, Russia program director for Human Rights Watch, told The Daily Beast. “The authorities are also attempting to shut down Children-404 (Deti-404), an online support group for LGBT teens.”


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