Russian Neo-Nazis Jailed for Torturing Gay Teenagers

Photo via Truth Wins Out

Photo via Truth Wins Out

Russia is no bastion of equality for its LGBT citizens, but in an astonishing turn of events, justice has finally been served for some who were affected by the rampant homophobia brought on by anti-gay propaganda laws. Six members of Occupy Pedophilia, the Russian Neo-Nazi group responsible for torturing gay teens to the brink of suicide, have been jailed.

Russian police arrested nine men for luring victims through personal ads using the Russian social media site and proceeding to torture them. The group outs their victims, and subsequently shares their degrading torture videos using social media.

In one photo, a bloodied teen is shown stripped and forced to grope a sex toy for his captures, with a bloody bat in the background. In a video, one young man is having watermelon force fed into his mouth while skinheads chant anti-gay slurs.

The Sinarsky District Court Kamensk-Ural attributed at least 19 attacks against gay men to nine members of Occupy Pedophilia, who were found guilty of death threats, torture, and inflicting “moderate damage to health,” reports say.

The Kremlin has done little to censure these groups in the past despite heightened violence, and with its severe “anti-propaganda” legislation in place, Russia isn’t turning over a new leaf. Regardless, the arrests were a victory all the same for LGBT rights in Russia.

Six men were sentenced three to six years in federal prison, while the other three were given suspended sentences.

The video below illustrates just a few of the atrocities committed against Russian teenagers by Occupy Pedophilia under Putin’s regime of homophobia, and is not suggested viewing for the faint of heart. Watch the segment after the jump:

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