School will Not Allow Gay Boyfriends to be Prom Kings

Two boys are being denied the title of join prom kings after Chattahoochee High School has denied them of the honor. The Georgia school said that protocol prevents the couple from taking home the honor—despite both already being elected to the prom court.

The school’s decision has sparked controversy across the country. Many are calling the decision discriminatory. Joel Lerner and Carter Hebert expressed anger over the decision, especially since there is another opposite-sex couple on the prom court that could win the honor of king and queen.

“I was really happy at first — wow, we have the opportunity to be this year’s high school king and king,” the high school band conductor told the station.

There is a petition, which currently has nearly 500 signatures.

“We proposed the idea of simply switching the name from prom king and queen to prom royalty,” the petition states. “In this case, it would allow for two people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to win. This not only allows the chance for a homosexual couple to possibly win, but it also ensures that the most deserving people win. This means that if the most deserving of the nominees are two girls, they would both be allowed to win, instead of historically only allowing one to be crowned royalty.”

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