Seats that Morph? Next Generation Airplane Seats Have Us Mile-High Excited

Screen Cap via YouTube

A British design firm, Seymourpowell, is shaping the future of air travel…literally. The design firm has created a seat that will allow for airlines to customize their seat size. At first glance, the seats will look like any standard economy-size seat, 18-inch, 3z1 window and aisle seat. Instead of traditional foam under each seat, it’s equipped with a special stretchy fabric, one along the seat back and one along the seat base—all held down by the arm rests. This will all create three individual “hammock” seats. The fabric will then be able to be manipulated by each passenger in the row. By unclamping the dividers on the seat, the width of the seat can change.

This technology will allow for airlines to charge for larger space throughout economy, as well as charge less for smaller passengers like small children.

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