Senator Jim DeMint’s Anti-Gay Comments Used to Teach Acceptance

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The Alliance For Full Acceptance (AFFA) has been in the news recently for its current TV commercial that features U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and a negative comment he made about homosexuals teaching in public schools; which simply is that he doesn’t think they should. The ad is part of a campaign that is meant to raise public awareness of how discriminatory attitudes toward the LGBT community are more accepted than toward other minority groups.

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The AFFA is based in Charleston, SC, and according to The Post and Courier, supporters of DeMint have contacted Charleston area television stations urging them to pull the plug on the ad that began airing June 18. The local stations have continued to air the 30-second piece, said Warren Redman-Gress, AFFA director.

“We are really thankful the TV stations see the value in what we’re doing, and, in that first salvo, have stood by us,” he said.

The ad encourages viewers to speak out for equality for all, and ends with the organizations website. The $30,000 ad campaign is set to end later this month, but Redman-Gress said the alliance is trying to raise more money to air the ads in other cities and again in the Charleston area later this fall.

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