Seth Meyers is Spot On in His Take Down of Transgender Bathroom Bills

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

Seth Meyers tore into recent legislation in Mississippi and North Carolina that are being called “bathroom bills,” and give us life with his seven-minute diatribe about the absurdity of it all.

“Now there are any number of problems with these laws, and aside from the fact that they’re hateful and discriminatory, they’re also unenforceable. When asked how they would enforce North Carolina law, spokesman for one local police department said, ‘So that means people have to go to the bathroom with birth certificates? Yeah, that was curious to me.’ And another said, ‘We don’t have police officers sitting at public bathrooms all day long.’ … But the most absurd impact of these kind of bathroom bills is you’re actually forcing transgender woman, who are women, and transgender men, who are men, to use the wrong bathroom.”

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