Sexually Fluid Model Nyle DiMarco Gives the T on What Kind of Guy He Would Date

Nyle DiMarco who took home top spot on America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars sat down to talk about what kind of man he’d be into dating. The deaf activist said that he is quite simple when it comes to the man of his dreams, saying: “Probably men who are athletic, who like the gym, love food and travel. That’s it, I’m a simple guy.”

He also described what characteristics were most important to him: “First one, has to be independent. I believe they have to be able to do their own thing. The second one, communication, I think is the most important. And [thirdly] outgoing as well. I’m an outgoing person, so…’

The hunk also delved into why he prefers to use the term sexually fluid instead of bisexual: “I think the difference is is bisexuality means you’re interested in both, but I think for me there are certain times in my life where I feel that certain attraction toward one type or another…When I first read about sexual fluidity, it was the first time I felt a connection.‘I don’t know why it spoke to me, but it’s something that defined who I was.”

Massimo Campana & Erik Asla/Pottle Productions Inc.




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