Sheep Putting Island Chain On the Map, Literally

With no money for media, a tiny population, and unique and hard-to-navigate terrain, the people on the Faroe Islands came up with an ingenious way to bring media attention to their beloved islands. The Faroe Islands, which have remained largely untouched by tourism, hopes that their latest tourism push will help the world better understand the Danish territory. One of the few places in the world without Google Street View, the tourism board and a Denmark-based agency Liquidminds, strapped 360-degree cameras on sheep to help map out the islands.

“With a media budget of basically zero in a country with a population of less than 50,000, we figured what better way to show that it’s unexplored than to show that Google hasn’t even been there?” said Rune Hørslev, partner at Liquidminds.

The videos, branded as “Sheepview 360” showcases the islands’ incredible topography and views. Many of the sheep get themselves into all sorts of situations—including climbing atop homes.

The campaign, also inspired Google to finally map up the island (uses skateboards, bikes, cars, wheelbarrows, and cars).

Check out all the awesome images collected. 

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