Sheraton Debuts Hotel Key/Gift Card Hybrid

Image via Passport
Image via Passport

Here’s one way to get travelers to stay at your hotel, give them free things! This week, the hotel chain premiered an exciting and innovative new technology at its Seattle location.  For the company’s annual Global General Manager’s Summit, Sheraton gave its employees hotel key cards equipped with a special capability — the cards came loaded with a $10 credit that could be redeemed, as a gift card would be, at any of five surrounding Starbucks locations!

Though Sheraton is the first Starwood hotel chain to use this technology, it’s speculated that it will be given away again in coming weeks for meetings held at brands such as W Hotels and Le Meridien.

And while the Starbucks partnership seems perfect for a test run, the potential for gift/hotel card hybrids seems limitless.



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