Sign the Petition: Gay Couple Jailed in Kuwait

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A lesbian couple from Detroit has been jailed for possession in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait. Despite holding less than an ounce of synthetic marijuana, which appears to be legal in the Persian Gulf country, Monique Coverson and Larissa Joseph’s families are pleading for their release out of fear that the government may hold them indefinitely. The girls’ were living in the country because Coverson had been stationed their as a member of the United States Army, but that didn’t stop authorities for entering into their home and finding a “tobacco-like substance.”

Apparently the incident happened months ago and have now spent a year in prison. One of their girl’s mother’s said: “The lawyer is saying, ‘Give me 30 days.’ That became 60 days, and now it’s a year she’s in prison. Monique] told me, ‘Mom, they planted this on us. We didn’t have anything like that.”

The family is calling bluff on the government’s reasonings, and they believe that they are being held because of their sexuality. “I believe it really had nothing to do with drugs because they had nothing illegal,” Michelle Jackson, Coverson’s mother, told ThinkProgress. “I do believe it’s mostly their alternative lifestyle in a religious country that is so against same-sex relationships.”

There is a petition out to help raise awareness. 


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