Singapore Airlines Ends World’s Longest Flights

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Singapore Airlines announced that it will end the world’s longest non-stop flights from both Singapore and Newark and Los Angeles. Currently these two flights at distances of 9,525 miles (8,277 nautical miles) and 8,770 miles (7,621 nautical miles), respectively are the longest non-stop routes, but once the service ends the world’s longest will switch hands over to Qantas with their nonstop from Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth (about 8,576 miles or 7,452 nautical miles) and Delta’s route from Atlanta to Johannesburg (8,434 miles/7,329 nautical miles).

Find out why Singapore Airlines has ended the route after the jump…

According to USA Today the end of the route isn’t because of financial reasons, but because of Singapore Airlines’ changing fleet: Singapore is making the route shake-up as part of a blockbuster order with Airbus for new aircraft. The order, unveiled today, calls for the carrier to buy five more Airbus A380 superjumbo jets and for 20 additional Airbus A350 aircraft, FlightGlobal.comreports. Reuters says the deal would be valued at $7.5 billion at list prices, though Singapore is sure to have secured the order at a significant discount.

As part of the deal, Airbus is buying back the five Airbus A340-500 jets currently in Singapore Airlines’ fleet. Not coincidentally, those are the aircraft that the carrier uses to fly on its routes from Singapore to Newark and Los Angeles.


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