Sitges, Spain to Host First Gay Pride

The LGBT-friendly Spanish city of Sitges is set to host their first Gay Pride on July 9-13. The organization AFGAL announced plans today to bring a bounty of gay cheer to the beach city. Already popular for gay tourists in the summer, the pride celebration will surely add additional incentives for travelers to stop by for a summer fling. Major events include a Pride Parade, Mr. Gay Pride Sitges 2010, and two all-night parties with DJs, dancers, and even a fireworks display. Also, don’t miss the afternoon t-dances and circuit parties. Don’t spend all your time boozing away. There is so much to do in this ancient city.

“Our first Gay Pride will reinforce Sitges reputation as one of the leading gay destinations in Europe.” said Luis Enriquez, President of AFGAL. “We have been working with the town council and tourism representatives for the past 12 months to put together a Pride worthy of Sitges, a Pride which will showcase the diverse nature of life in the town.”

Plan your trip today.

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