Sliding to New Heights, LA US Bank Tower May Get 1,000-Foot-High Glass Slide

Bank Tower Slide

An artist’s rendering shows a glass slide off the side of the U.S. Bank Tower. The ride from the 70th floor to the 69th floor will cost thrill-seekers $8. (OUE Ltd.)

Our stomachs are in knots just looking at these mockups of a 1,000-foot-hight glass slide that may make its terrifying debut on the 72-story US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles. Between bar hopping, game-watching, and gallery viewings, visitors and locals alike may soon get to shoot down from the 70th to the 69th floor in a glass-enclosed slide. The tallest tower on the West Coast is currently being renovated by Singaporean company OUE Ltd., but the company faces a challenge when it comes to attracting Internet companies who are known for creating Millennial-focused workplaces. Since the building boom in Downtown is saturated with brand-new digs, the company hopes to attract new companies here, through, well, a totally outrageously gimmicky it-just-might-work way.

Would you have the chomps to take a ride?



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