South Korean Army Accused of Using Gay ‘Dating Apps’ to Out Servicemembers

South Korea’s military is being accused of baiting gay soldiers with fake social media accounts on gay hook-up apps. The scheme was exposed by the civil right group Center for Military Human Rights who launched an investigation to expose the traps being set up to contact soldiers through apps like Grindr.

“We have secured evidence the army’s central investigators used a gay-specialized dating application to employ trap investigation techniques while violating the soldiers’ human rights” Lim Tae-hoon from the organization said. “We will file a petition regarding army chief of staff Gen. Jang Jun-kyu and [three others] with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.”

The concern arose after the army claimed to have a video of an active-duty serviceman having sex that they said appeared on social networks, but it seems that the army used unlawful means of investigating. The military, so far, has placed over 40 soldiers on a “suspects” list in violation of the Military Criminal Act, which prohibits gay sex or “other disgraceful conduct.” [UPI]




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