South by Southwest Takes Stance Against Texas Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill

Texas Senate approved the SB6 “bathroom bill” that says people must use bathrooms and other facilities that coincide with the gender on their birth certificate. South by Southwest festival in Austin will not be abiding by this law and is taking an active stance against it.

SXSW is the world-famous festival that  combines film, music, and interactive media and attracts an international, young, and liberal crowd, so it makes sense that festival organizers disagree with the bill being passed. One user snapped a pic of a bathroom sign that allows anyone to use whichever restroom makes them comfortable, and that they do not share the same discriminatory attitudes of the senate.

The response among the public has been extremely positive. People have shared pictures of the signs with comments that promote inclusivity.

SxSW plays a major role in the economy of Austin, as the festival is one of the city’s highest revenue streams. Beside promoting diversity and acceptance, SXSW also promotes good hygiene by reminding patron to wash there hands.


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